OC Beer Week and Invitational

Orange County Beer Week is a weeklong celebration of the flourishing beer culture in Orange County, CA. The Orange County Brewers Guild uses this week as a way to shine a light on fresh and local beers. The culmination of the week is the OC Brewers Guild Invitational, which is a festival featuring guild members alongside other favorite brewery friends. FRW conceptualized and designed the creative campaign for this fun-filled week. Two logos were created, one for the general OC Beer Week happenings, and one for the Invitational itself. Since they are both presented by the guild, we wanted to incorporate similar fonts and imagery as the OCBG logo, to help build its brand recognition. The orange icon from the logo was used as a centerpiece for both logos while utilizing different type treatments to set them apart with their own identities. The background for the posters was created in Photoshop using many layers of palm tree photos as well as silhouettes. The result is a sun-soaked vibe, whose complimentary teal palette lets the orange of the logo pop in front.