FRW Studios – Your External Creative Department

In business, being small has its advantages. Small companies tend to be faster, nimbler and more adaptable than big organizations that often get bogged down in bureaucracy and process. The downside is that small companies tend to lack the resources often required to handle specialized technical challenges or take advantage of unique, short-term business opportunities.

This is where outsourcing your creative work to FRW Studios comes in.

Outsourcing — or “farming out” as it is sometimes called — is the process of hiring outside resources to perform jobs that in-house employees can’t. For example, few small companies maintain the full-time talent or expertise to create a company brand, build and manage a company website, create a product brochure, or execute a successful advertising campaign. Instead, they outsource these jobs to marketing agencies, advertising agencies, or individual freelancers.

Outsourcing means:

  • You don’t have to hire and maintain a large in-house staff to handle what may be limited or short-term assignments. This not only saves you the cost of annual employee benefits and salaries, but also the cost of the space required to house them.
  • You can select the specific talent you need to handle each assignment. Succeeding in today’s digital environment requires an array of expertise ranging from backend programming to search engine optimization (SEO). Unless you are a major national corporation, you probably don’t have the need or resources to keep such an array of specialists in-house.
  • You can quickly rotate your talent team as necessary. You avoid hiring and firing full-time employees and all the headaches that come with it.
  • You have better control over your budget. You never have to “carry” full-time employees whose skills aren’t being fully utilized.

At FRW Studios, we work with companies of all types and sizes to deliver the expert creative and technical services they can’t provide themselves. We specialize in brand development, graphic design, web design, copywriting, book publishing and more. We have the skills vital to marketing goods and services in today’s digital environment.

We also partner with other specialty companies to bring our clients a full range of creative services.

One of these companies is Vizolutions, Inc., which specializes in search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising, and online profile creation and optimization.

We also partner with Epic Iris Video Productions, which creates customized/interactive videos for product and service demonstrations, corporate profiles, testimonials and lead generation.

If you have a company that wants to benefit from the advantages of outsourcing, contact FRW Studios today to see how we can provide the skills, talent, and creativity you need to stay ahead of your competition.